Daughters Of God

We all have people that we look up to. It's usually someone famous or maybe someone that we find beautiful. As for me, it's a little different.

So often I see Christian women that are truly living for Christ and I think to myself "I wanna be like her". What do I mean when I say that? I mean that I want to shine a light. I want people to see me and know that I am living for Christ. I want to rest assured that I am safe in the arms of God. I want salvation, peace and the promise that no matter what I go through in this life I will be rewarded in the end. Above all, I want to help bring other's to Christ.

Have you ever noticed that when you see godly women they naturally shine brighter? Their personalities are kinder and happier and more uplifting. You can see them and you just know they are warriors of God. That's what I want!

I am nowhere near the perfect Christian, I have never claimed to be. I fail daily. I am working on myself day by day. No one wakes up one day and is exactly what they always wanted to be.

The bible speaks of so many wonderful women. Typically the first woman that you think of is Eve, but that's not all. Visit https://www.beliefnet.com/ilovejesus/features/22-fearless-women-in-the-bible.aspx to read about some wonderful women in the bible.

Sometimes women are viewed as being less important than men BUT that is very incorrect. We all play such a huge role in this life and in history!

Daughters of God - just know you are loved, you are important, you can shine a light bright enough to change the world and God loves you! You are meant to make a difference in this life. Stay strong, trust God and never allow the world to make you feel bad for standing up for what you believe.

This world wants to make it appear that women are only noticed if we show our bodies or we appear to be "unclean". What this world needs is women that are willing to serve God, prepare to fight the battle against Satan, pray until we can make a change and stand for what is right.

Be proud to be different! Your modesty is beautiful! You are the change, so shine bright!

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