Fighting to Survive

This world, it's a mess. I never imagined that in my lifetime I would see the things I've seen come to pass, that I'd go through the things I've gone through.

This is just the beginning. We are so overwhelmed right now but this is just the beginning of what is coming.

Sometimes I look around me and question what I'll do when I'm all alone in this scary world, how will I survive this all alone?

Lately, I am so overwhelmed with sadness that it is consuming me more than I would normally allow. Whether it be that I'm just so mentally and physically exhausted or because my heart is breaking - I don't know.

I wish I could fix the world. That I could make all of this go away, but it doesn't work that way.

"Fear is not of God." I repeat that to myself so often. Fear has more power than we should allow it to have. If we could fully put our faith in God and rebuke fear then maybe we could overcome this.

I feel like I'm fighting a battle to survive. I don't mean health wise or physically - I mean mentally. I think we all feel like this right now, especially healthcare workers.

As someone that is on the frontline, seeing first hand what's happening: I can honestly say that I wish that I could do more. My everything still isn't enough to ease the suffering of the people right now.

We talk so much about this terrible pandemic but what people are not realizing is that we have another large issue as well. I can't count the people that has attempted suicide within the last few months. Some we have saved and cared for until they could go home but I can't help but wonder about the ones that weren't so lucky.

Something has happened lately. Depression, fear, sadness and anxiety has taken over - especially with the younger people. It makes me wonder if some spiritual entity is the cause of this, if Satan is trying to take as many as he can before Jesus comes back.

My opinion doesn't mean much. After all, I'm just one person in this huge world. However, I truly believe that the end is close. How could it not be? We are seeing so many signs, things are so bad. This world can't stand much more.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting I choose to help others. To set aside my heartbreak and help everyone that I possibly can. I choose to devote my life to making a difference and trying to help others see the light in the darkness.

We have to come together. Even if we all can't come together, then at least some of us has to. We have to fight to survive and to help others TOGETHER. We have to pray and allow God to guide us and be our shield that is protecting us from danger.

Will you join us in the fight? Are you ready to make a difference in this world? Are you ready to help the light shine in the darkness? I hope so, we need you.

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