The Hard Truth

The hard the truth that you don't wanna hear is often the one thing no one will ever say to you. Yet the hard truth is what we often need the most.

I can honestly say that at the age of 30, I have been through more than most people twice my age. I've been broken in more ways than I care to share and what I'm about to say to you right now, I wish someone would have said to me before it was too late.

He's not gonna change sis. Things are not gonna get better. He makes it look good and so convincing for a while because it pulls you back in but I promise, it won't last.

People don't change overnight. Someone actually told me once "I can change overnight, I've done it before". I remember the cold chills that just ran down my spine because I knew right then I was dating someone that was probably the biggest con artist ever and didn't even realize it.

Time is something you can't get back. You can't get a refund on it, it doesn't work like that. The bad things you go through, you can get passed them but you'll never forget them.

So, ask yourself right now - why am I still here?

Sis, he isn't gonna change. It's a lie, a facade. He will never be what you deserve and he will never treat you the way you should be treated.

If you're a guy reading this, the same principle applies to you! 

People DO NOT change overnight. Stop letting them hurt you. No matter if you're a man or woman, it's okay to guard your heart and walk away.

Women and men are both guilty of being cruel. I've met some women that have made me ashamed to even call myself a woman, so trust me - I know it's not all men.

Starting over is the scary part. Staying, sounds easier and more secure because you're used to it. However, what is life without a little adventure?

Fear is not of God. Fear is something that people will use to control you. Fear is a liar. Fear is evil, it's cruel and it's the enemy. Don't be scared to start over!

Staying with someone that is toxic for you is not the only choice that you have.

Sometimes the best choice is being alone for a little while to learn to depend on yourself and to depend on God and then find someone to live your life with.

When you KNOW that you don't require a significant other to survive then life doesn't look so scary anymore.

Maybe you think I'm crazy and that's okay.

I've been alone a lot in my life but to be honest I kinda wanted it that way. I wanted to know that I can make it on my own. I now know that I can provide and support myself, I'm not scared of being alone anymore, I can open a pickle jar now, pour windshield washer fluid into my vehicle, change a wiper blade, put air in a tire and so on. I learned those little things and while I got mad at myself multiple times I still learned that I could do it myself.

I don't require a man to survive. Don't get me wrong, having someone love me and be by my side is amazing but I don't require it. I can survive alone if I have to.

Don't be afraid. It's okay to let go. Just know, you don't know my entire story but I can guarantee if you did you'd take my advice. 

This is your hard truth my friend, take it or leave it. I hope for your sake you take it. Spare yourself the heartbreak, the pain and the terrible memories and put yourself first. It's okay to let go.

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