About Pre-Order Items

What is a Pre-Order item?

A Pre-Order item is usually a item that is from a supplier/brand that I have newly partnered with. In order to make sure that I am keeping only sizes that will sell in stock, I ask that my first few orders be pre-order only.

What does Pre-Order mean?

Pre-Order means that once I receive a minimum amount of orders (usually $150) for a brand that I have newly partnered with, I will then place a large bulk order.

Once the bulk order arrives, I will separate out my customers orders and ship them out ASAP.

Pre-Orders are temporary on brands and only used to see which sizes are needed to be kept in stock.

Can I get a refund on a Pre-Order item?

If you place a order for a pre-order item and don't want to wait any longer for shipping or you're not satisfied with your item (within 7 days of placing your order) I will then offer you a store a credit or refund your payment. You can read more about my return policy here.

Where do you store your stock?

All stock is stored in plastic containers (tough totes) and kept in original packaging until time of shipping. Stock is kept smoke free, pet free, bug free and weather damage free.

How long does it usually take to ship my order?

This will depend on how fast I have orders for that particular brand coming in. However, if I see that I am not going to be meeting my set amount within 2 weeks - I will then go ahead and place your order to ensure that you get your items.

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